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Here's what the leading professionals are saying!

"Stuart Dillon, is the best Voice-Over Teacher I know."

William Esper : William Esper Studio, Internationally Respected Acting Instructor


"Quite simply, Stuart Dillon, is the best Voice-Over Teacher there is."

Peter Thomas: Voice-Over Legend for over 40 years, he has been called 'The most trusted voice in America'
Nova, NBC, American Express, Tropicana, L'Oreal,  National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, Court TV's The Forensic Files


"Stuart is not only an instructor of voice-over technique, he gives insight into the subtleties of finding work and provides an in-depth knowledge of how the voice over business operates."

Phil Sutfin: Head of the former VO Dept. - ICM (International Creative Management)


"It simply makes sense! Since studying with Stuart my confidence has grown tremendously, and my resume can attest to that! If you want to learn from the best, the list starts and ends with Stuart Dillon."

Wayne Lopez: TV actor - CSI: Miami, Without a Trace


"Stuart doesn't just teach you about voice-over; he teaches you about yourself! It's everything a master class should be - when it's taught by a master."

Bryan Louiselle: Composer/conductor - Walt Disney Musicals, Superbowl Half-time Show<


"After appearing in over 20 feature films and 50 on-camera commercials, the course helped me find the tools I needed to establish myself in the world of voice over and radio commercials, and definitely helped me book spots for clients such as Toyota, Estee Lauder, Business Week, and Nextel, among others. The techniques that Stuart Dillon offers his students are unparalleled. No wonder he was recommended to me by my commercial agent, and no wonder he's #1 in town."

Miles Chapin: Toyota , Business Week, NexTel, Frito Lay, Coppertone


"Not only has Stuart worked in advertising and production - but he also continues to be an A list voice over talent with one of the top agencies in NY. Of the voice over classes in and around NY,  Stuart's is the ONLY one worth it's weight in gold! After just one session you'll quickly see that this is the only class to give you the best chance to work in a very competitive business. I learned more in my first class with Stuart than I did in my six years of DOING voice overs!"

Gary Evans: Campbells Soup, K-Mart, Denny's, Southwestern Bell, Verizon, Pepsi, McDonalds, Wall Street Journal, Dunkin' Donuts


"Stuart's class is the real deal. No BS. Insightful, Illuminating. He helped me find my strong points, my honest range and taught me the fundamentals of reading copy. My confidence in the sound booth went through the roof and copy no longer was hit or miss. Every Actor should have the opportunity to study with Stuart."

Steven Whittle: ESPN


"Stuart's attention to detail and individual creative ability made the class unique. He cuts to the heart of  what you specifically need to be a competitive individual in this field. I recommend this highly professional and totally enjoyable learning experience"

Sal Mistretta: Broadway actor - Cabaret, Sweeney Todd, Law & Order, Spiderman: The Movie


"It was eye-opening to have Stuart show me how to make every piece of copy work for my unique voice."

Howie Ravikoff: VO w / Abrams

"Most actors look at booking commercials as a "lottery". Then why do the same 1% keep working again and again in voice-overs? It's skills. Stuart Dillon's bare-bones, no-nonsense approach delivers those skills. His intimate knowledge of the business from both sides of the microphone is invaluable for beginners and established voice over people alike."

Patrick Garner: Burger King, Nabisco, M&Ms, National Health Care, Kmart


"Stuart is an energetic and confidence-inspiring instructor. Coming from a theatrical background, I had no idea of the subtleties of "microphone technique" until I attended his class. He gives you tangible tools for this highly competitive field."

David Hutson: Actor


"Genetics gave me a voice - Stuart Dillon taught me how to make the most of it. Stuart's instruction has served me well as a voice-over artist, as an actor and in my daily life."

Kevin Corstange: Actor


"Stu Dillon is a complete resource for this profession. He'll help you master mike technique and copy analysis so that no piece of copy can surprise you."

Jono Mainelli: Conductor / composer


"Nobody knows the world of voiceovers better than Stuart Dillon - hands down. If you're serious about entering this highly competetive business, taking Stuart's class is not "a good idea", it's a prerequisite."

Brian Sherman: Pepperidge Farm


"I couldn't have found a better place to get immediately applicable skills and techniques, nor a more informative source. If you want to learn to work in the business you go find a person who's already working in the business. Stuart Dillon is that guy."

Shelly Colman: NY1 Traffic Reporter and voice over talent


"Coming from a theatrical background commercial voiceovers were an entirely different world to me. Stuart's class gave me a practical approach to commercial copy and his cutting insights into advertising are priceless."

Elizabeth Murray: Actor - National Theater of the Deaf


"Stuart Dillon has created an entire vocabulary that makes an otherwise obscure medium, immediatly accesibile to anybody who has an interest in pursuing a career in Voice Over. Since taking his class 4 years ago, I have worked non-stop in the voice over world."

Charlie McWade: Pillsbury, Arm & Hammer, Pringles


"Working with Stu has helped me tremendously in pursuing my goals as a voice over artist. His technique is excellent and his direction is always clear and honest. Just a few days after sending my VO demo out to agents and casting directors, I was getting call backs. I have been considered for a cartoon pilot, a Seiko radio spot, and a Legally Blonde II video promo!"

Gabriella Nasjletti: LifeStyle Condoms


"Stuart cuts through the BS and gets to the important aspects of the VO industry. He gives you the confidence to go into an audition feeling like you have a leg up even on more seasoned talent."

Jordan Reed: Actor


"Stuart is probably the only guy teaching voice overs that actually knows what he's doing. Once you study with him you'll feel like you have the best training possible to go out into the competitive world of voice overs. I'm getting signed by one of the top agencies in New York City and it's only through his training that this was possible."

Lara Milian: Producer - Court TV


"If you have the talent for voice overs, Stuart Dillon will give you the craft. If you have what it takes, Stuart Dillon will bring it out of you. There are pros who can do voice overs, but not many who can teach. Stuart Dillon is one of the few who does both."

Noel Johansen: Lipton Tea, Guiness Stout, Blockbuster Video


"Stuart Dillon knows his stuff, and knows how to teach it....The class is informative and fun -- without a doubt, it was the springboard to the career I have today. I can't recommend the video enough. In just the first few minutes, I learned something completely new. And this is after years of working in voice overs!"

Scott Rayow : Benadryl, Cheerios, and the narrator of Court TV's "Mugshots".


"Stuart gave me the confidence and technique I needed to book my very first audition."

David Elliott: AOL Time Warner, Kenneth Cole, ERA Real Estate, Sports Illustrated, Loews, ESPN


"Using a healthy dose of humor, Stuart teaches practical techniques that will give you the tools you need to be successful in the highly competitive world of Voice-Over."

Brian Hotaling: Preparation H


"Among the many techniques that Stuart Dillon taught me, the most integral  was his emphasis on script analysis. I walked away from his class equipped with the wonderful ability to see a character as the producer, writer, and director intended it to be. Stuart taught me pretty much everything I need to know about the business of the business."

Amanda Serkasevich: Bank of America, LifeSavers, Philadelphia Health & Education, Tylenol, A recurring role on Guiding Light


"Just what you need to get into the voice over market. I came to Stuart's class with a little experience but walked out weeks later with an approach and the confidence to use it."

Susan Ferrara: CBS Promo



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