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Many voice over talents have taken Stuart's sessions and have gone on to sign with major agencies and build successful careers in the VO industry. A few success stories are:  


Rob Krakovski

Ann Wright Representatives - Audi, New York City Ballet, AT&T, Alka Seltzer, Fonar MRI, Spic n' Span, featured voice in anime series Berserk and Knight Hunters


Melissa Wolff

Dateline, The Oxygen Network


Jay Heydt

Don Buchwald & Assoc. - HBO & ESPN


Mike Broderick

Abrams Artists - Arm & Hammer, Pearle Vision, AT&T Wireless, New Jersey Lottery, Continental Airlines


Gary Evans

Paradigm - Campbells Soup, Kmart, OraGel, Pepsi, Wall Street Journal, Denny's, South Western Bell, Verizon, McDonalds, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, NesQuik, Malibu Rum, M&M's, Metro Cable, Seagrams, Sprint


George Diehl

International Creative Management (ICM) - Hewlett Packard, New York Times, Sandcastle Theme Park, The Maryland Lottery


Amanda Serkasevich

Ann Wright Representatives - Philadelphia Tourist Bureau, Bank of America


Tercio Bretas

Steve Arcieri Agency - Ford, Chiquita Bananas, Verizon, Owens-Corning, Avis, Anarchy video game


Miles Chapin

Abrams Artists - Toyota, Business Week, Nextel, Frito-Lay, CopperTone


Shelly Coleman

New York One TV (Traffic Reporter)


Kathy Terrill

Traveller's Insurance, QVC-TV


Mallory Kasdan

ICM - Kohls, Kellogg's Nutra-Grain, Pepsi, Chase, Tide, Cascade, Cheerios, Physique Shampoo


Scott Rayow

ICM - Benadryl, Cheerios, Court TV


Noel Johansen

Paradigm - Lipton Tea, Bass Ale, Carbo Lite, Houston Chronicle, Guiness Stout, Resolve, VH-1, Blockbuster Video


Inez Ferrer

Abrams Artists, Cunningham, Escott & Dipene - Windham Hotels, Energy Star, Sears, McDonalds, E-Trade, HBO, Ikea, AMC, Dove Shampoo


Mark Sarion

Don Buchwald & Assoc. - Boston Children's Museum, Imagistics


Martin Charles

Paradigm - AT&T, Malibu Rum, Corona, Bermuda Tourism, Western Union


Charles McWade

Paradigm - Pillsbury, Tortino's Pizza Rolls, Hess, US Postal Service, NFL Shop.com, Hasbro, Arm & Hammer, Pringles, Binaca


David Elliott

Ann Wright Representatives - America Online, ERA Home Lenders, Loews Theaters



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