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Stuart Dillon’s:
The Voice Over
is by far the most comprehensive course on commercial voice over there is.

After more than thirty years of working in advertising as a creative director and copywriter, as a producer of radio and television commercials, and as a voice over talent in his own right, Mr. Dillon has crafted an unparalleled approach to commercial voice over that has proved beneficial to both the newcomer and to those already in the business. This five part, seven DVD set takes the professional insights and cutting edge techniques offered by Mr. Dillon to his exclusive New York master class and makes them available to you at home at a fraction of the cost.


The Voice Over
recreates the experience of Mr. Dillon’s New York sessions in a home study DVD format. During the more than eight hours of in-depth instruction you are placed right in the recording studio, participating in exercises along with nine on-camera students as Mr. Dillon leads you through the process. Together you will learn from each other's mistakes and successes, develop a professional's ear, and master the interpretation and execution of commercial copy. In addition you will learn to apply these techniques with a comprehensive understanding of the ‘Business of the Business’.

The Voice Over
covers everything from an overview of the ‘Business’ of voice-over; through all the technical and creative tools you’ll need for the audition and booking the job; to tips on producing a demo reel, marketing yourself and finding an agent.

In addition, a complete Members Support Website is available to you that includes:

- All the commercial scripts used by the class and in the exercises, for you to download and print.
- Thorough directions to complete the exercises.
- A complete glossary of terms
- Images of various scripts used in actual commercial production.
- Samples of professional demo reels.  
- A variety of tips on equipment and publications that will be useful in your career.
- A comprehensive review and reference for each of the five parts.

- And more...

In Part One
Stuart Dillon provides an overview of the world of advertising and voice over, and addresses some of the commonly held perceptions about it. He discusses the most effective way to approach the training and how to listen to the work that others do in front of a microphone. You then meet the nine others in the session and get a sense of their vocal instruments. Mr. Dillon then takes everyone through two sample pieces of copy to introduce you to the process of copy analysis and the basic points that need to be considered. For the remainder of Part One you and the on camera class members give two initial reads in front of the microphone, out of which Mr. Dillon introduces his basic ‘Rules of the Road’.  

Part Two
continues with everyone reading a variety of more difficult copy. Mr. Dillon critiques each read, offering adjustments and introducing more complex ‘Rules of the Road’.  

Part Three
includes a unique exercise that gives you a valuable insight into the creative process behind commercial copy writing. This exercise leads to a section on the value of developing improvisational skill and the bearing it can have on the audition. You are then introduced to the unusual challenges presented while auditioning with a script that calls for two or more actors reading together. Finally, Mr. Dillon has a few surprises as you begin to determine what type of copy or character you are best suited for.

Part Four.
All of the information and techniques imparted thus far are designed to prepare you for the realities of a professional voice over audition. Part four recreates those battle conditions: the moment of truth when you must stand and deliver your interpretation of the copy after having only had minutes to look at it. This is the test of how much of the process you are grasping.  

Part Five
takes a look at the ‘Business of the Business’. Stuart discusses what to do after the training, and a variety of successful agents, casting directors, ad agency people, and voice over talents share their insights and experiences with you. This segment alone is worth its weight in gold.

Stuart Dillon’s The Voice Over
gives you the option of working at your own pace, repeating each part as often as you need. The Voice Over also has the added benefit of being a valuable reference resource that will serve you throughout your voice over career.

The complete DVD set covers:

    - Understanding the commercial from the ad agency’s point of view
    - Understanding the role that the voice over plays.  
    - Vocal and microphone techniques.
    - Technical and creative tools for analyzing commercial copy and knowing what to do with the read.
    - Understanding and employing your particular strengths as a voice over actor.
    - What to expect at an actual audition and how to conduct yourself in a professional manner.
    - Tips on staying abreast of what’s happening in the business.
    - Information on producing your demo reel.
    - Marketing yourself as a voice over talent and different avenues of finding work.
    - Finding an agent.

    - Insights into developing staying power in the business
And more . .

Together with the complete reference website Stuart Dillon’s: The Voice Over gives you the competitive edge you need to succeed in this business!

Order today and get the edge you need to succeed in voice overs!

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